Sean may be gone, but he will never be forgotten.

As firefighters we make sure that we always take care of each other and our families. When one of our own can no longer take care of their family, we step up. We are stepping up for Sean’s family and need your help!

Just a few weeks left…

Sean was just a few weeks away from successfully graduating the Phoenix Fire Department Training Academy and successfully becoming a Phoenix Firefighter when everything changed…Sean was diagnosed with Leukemia and doctors insisted he begin treatment immediately. Treatment continued for years, but unfortunately our brother Sean passed away in Summer of 2021. The Fire Department kept Sean employed during his treatment and helped him in every way possible, but unfortunately with his passing the benefits and income are no longer available for his wife and kids. Sean’s friends, family, academy peers, and complete strangers have jumped in to help where they can and we can’t say thank you enough. The effort is not over and we will continue to keep everyone updated on ways to help the Sparling family.


Sean’s brothers and sister created a shirt that honor’s his memory, raises money for his family, and lets the members of the PFD show support for the Phoenix Suns during their historic playoff run. The shirt’s front has “#SunsOnFire in memory of Sean Sparling”. The back has the Phoenix Suns throwback “Phoenix” font on the back. Currently the shirt is available at select Phoenix Fire Stations, but stay tuned for more ways to find them!

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